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Blessing Light

Blessing Light - Hallelujah Dance

[Music + Video] Blessing Light – Not Ashamed

Gospel Choice Award, USA Nominated and Gospel Train USA ,Award Winning Gospel Minister, Blessing Light, AKA Apostle Dr Ada Ngozi Ambrose Esq, releases her latest official song and musical video- “NOT ASHAMED”.
NOT ASHAMED is -the 2ND of her JESUS KINGDOM series or collection!

Blessing Light or Blessing Light ‘Ngozi is an American, Nigerian/ Naija Contemporary AfroBeat gospel artist, Singer, Musician and Songwriter, with a heartfelt message and a soulful sound for the soul. Her unique style is riveting and has reached the masses of her listeners as she expresses her message of Jesus Christ through her music.

Blessing Light is the artist name of Apostle (Dr) Ada Ngozi Ambrose ESQ. Her unique style has captivated and touched the hearts of everyone that has come in contact with her music. Blessing Light’s deepest desire is to touch and bless the hearts of the people with the healing touch and strength of Christ as she had been, by continually contributing her voice to the music industry and the community.

“ NOT ASHAMED ” is my special song for you my friends! It is a song and anthem! It is a declaration for those that have had an Encounter with the Lord in one way or another, In Christ, our shame and fears are wiped away by the blood of Jesus Christ.
It is a song for those that have prevailed and are doing so well . It is also a prophetic declaration of those that are waiting on the LORD and are yet to prevail in their different situations.

It is a Kingdom call to the Believer of JESUS KINGDOM to testify of the goodness of God through Christ. for the Lord presents the believer to the father everytime we pray for BREAKTHROUGHS out of every situation in the name of JESUS CHRIST.
The opposite of “NOT ASHAMED” is to “BE ASHAMED’ .

one definition of “ASHAMED” is a reluctance to do something through fear of embarrassment or humiliation. SHAME is a product of fear.

“ NOT ASHAMED ” is an APOSTOLIC PROPHETIC PRAISE and WORSHIP song. It means that we are not ashamed to talk about our Lord and Savior. We are not ashamed to TESTIFY of the goodness of God in our lives.
It is a song of ACTIVATION of MIRACLES
God is spirit and those that worship Him must do so in Spirit and in TRUTH, in reality.
To not to be ashamed but to testify of the Lord is an act of Worship.

Something happens in the Spirit realm to impact our lives and those around us when we testify in words and actions about the Lord.
Our Faith increases, the faith of the hearer increases, our Lord is GLORIFIED and happy with us and is not ashamed to present us to the father in answer to our prayers , Mountains bow, doors open , shackles are broken! It is a ripple effect.

“‘NOT ASHAMED” is a song of victory and continuous victory. It is a song of PRAISE, a Prayer from the innermost being of the God Seeking heart and the worshipping heart of the believer in Christ , just as the PSALMIST declared in PSALMS, the woman at the well and others declared in the gospels and The APOSTLES declared in ACTS. .

It is a cry and affirmation from the innermost being and soul of the believer that God is King! He is SOVEREIGN! HE REIGNS and we are heirs of HIS KINGDOM .

God gives us access to Heaven and His Kingdom through Christ. He gives us access to that realm as heirs of His Kingdom. We look to the LORD, we are Lightened and we are ‘ NOT ASHAMED” according to the PSALMIST .

“I pray that this day, this month and this year , you experience open heavens in all areas and live on earth as it is in heaven to push forward and upwards to daily victories in all areas of your lives for wellness and Purpose as you listen, affirm, sing and dance to this song. I hope this song blesses the people with the healing touch of Christ as it has blessed me while writing it, composing it, directing it, producing it and releasing it – LUKE 9:26; PSALM 34:5;”… she says. This official song and musical , its audio version , instrumental and official videos- ‘NOT ASHAMED” and her other releases are now available on her website and all major platforms worldwide…!

Stream, Download, Listen, Sing, Dance  View, Spread The Word And Enjoy.



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