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Owokoya's Model  On Youths Development And Poverty Eradication Deserves Applause.

Political reformist and youth development Advocate,  Engineer Abiodun Owokoya popularly called (Cheche)is a classic example of a super and enigmatic administrator whose vision could be placed on a tripod of selflessness, welfarism  and  youth development, as an addendum to these  Cheche is avid believer in poverty eradication and also a sermoner for equity, justice and fair play. 

The effervescent Engineer designed a template which could be adopted by all levels of governments to douse the tension currently engulfing the nation. 

The present uproar that affected the nation recently could be tackled in the society using the administrative templates of Owokoya.
 As the grassroots politician, he understands that youths are the heartbeat of the nation.

It is very imperative for state and federal government to fish out great visionary and utility leaders in any cadre of administration and place them in position of Authority for their utilization in the nation to continue moving forward. 

Part of Cheche's model which could be of great assistance is the  studying of what the youths need. He rubbed mind with them while making them engine and organ of contribution to nation building. He has organized a series of programmes to develop youths and empower them.

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